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Our Founder
Kenneth G. Lamb    

Ken Lamb started his surveying career in Wyoming in 1955.  At the time much of the work involved locating mining claims (primarily uranium), and oil leasing, drilling and processing claims, and private and public land boundaries.  The family moved to California in 1965, where Ken worked for the City of Pleasanton Engineering Department.



In 1977 Ken decided to start his own surveying firm. He, and wife Edith, did most of the preliminary work to establish the business, aided on a part-time basis by sons Mick and Gary.  In 1978 Gary came into the business on a full time basis while Mick returned to college and finished out his four-year degree in Surveying and Photogrammetry – working for the family business on holidays and vacations.  Ken’s specialty has always been boundary work, and he worked for numerous clients, both public and private, during his years in business.


Ken set a high standard for Lamb Land Surveying.  He always went above and beyond the minimum requirements for a job to ensure that no evidence was overlooked.  Many other surveyors who work in our area have told us that if they found a Lamb survey covering or adjacent to their project, or a Lamb survey monument at a property corner, that they knew they had accurate information on which to base their survey.


Ken retired in 1997, the twentieth anniversary of the business.  Lamb Surveying, Inc. was incorporated in 1998.


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