Gary Lamb's Bio

Gary has lived, eaten and breathed surveying almost from day one, and comes by his love of surveying honestly.  While his father Ken was still working at the Engineering Department for the City of Pleasanton they would do surveying jobs on the side. Although sometimes wondering why he was required to spend his weekends dragging a chain up a local hillside or clearing brush for line Gary did have the opportunity to learn surveying literally “from the ground up”.


In the field Gary has hands on experience that includes a broad range of the developments in surveying equipment over the last 100 years. From reading (and hand recording) angles read with a vernier transit and measuring distances with a steel tape to running an electronic total station or Global Position System he knows that surveying involves much more than just punching a couple of buttons and reading data.


In the office, early in his career, he reduced field data by hand and plotted coordinates on graph paper to produce maps and topographic surveys. He remembers how exited he was when they got their first computer (which didn’t even have a hard drive) and has eagerly welcomed each new advance in hardware and software. Today work is produced with state of the art CAD and imaging software and he continues to strive to keep Lamb Surveying current with all technical advances.


 From repairing field equipment, to mastering the complexities of computer programming and operations in the digital age, Gary is the go-to guy for technical issues.


Gary also has a great affinity and love for the outdoors.  A mountain climber, backpacker, camper, hunter and general outdoor enthusiast, he relishes the mental and physical challenges of working in rough country.  With a good grasp of the California Rancho System, and public and private land retracement, Gary is undoubtedly one of the best boundary surveyors in the state.

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