Mick Lamb's Bio

Mick Lamb grew up around surveyors and surveying.  As a youngster he occasionally was able to accompany father, Ken Lamb, and his crew as they worked in Wyoming.  They would scout out a work area by starting at a known corner, often a marked stone set in a stone mound, and driving, by compass and odometer, to where the next corner should be.  Mick would stand in the back of the truck, leaning on the cab and “spot” the next corner they were looking for.  Ken claims that he usually didn’t have to circle the corner more that once or twice before Mick found it.


Mick graduated to field-crew novice in his early teens, helping with taping distances and being a rod man for topographic and boundary surveys.  He was rod man on some of the preliminary surveys at the Livermore Veteran’s Hospital before the lower portion was turned into a park.


In 1971, Mick went to Cal Berkeley straight from high school.  He did not figure out what he wanted to do for a career, so he withdrew and worked in construction for several years.  When Ken started Lamb Land Surveying in 1977 Mick returned to college earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying and Photogrammetry from California State University at Fresno.


Mick returned to work for the family business.  In 1997 Ken retired.  In 1998 the business incorporated as Lamb Surveying, Inc., with Gary as CFO, and Mick as CEO.


In our daily work we strive to perpetuate the high standards for thoroughness and accuracy set by Ken Lamb when he started this business.

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