Nixon Thorstad's Bio

Nixon started working for Lamb Surveying in 1980. He had originally been given a taste of surveying with Mick while working as a rodman doing a job on the Pleasanton Ridge when they were just starting in high school. He started working for Ken Lamb as a field crew member in 1980 while attending Cal State East Bay and earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art. Nixon had a back ground in science-math through high school and early college so the technical properties of surveying were appealing.


While going to school and working Nixon was fortunate to see landscapes and wildlife that the public never has access to and these sights also helped influence his artwork. Not only did he do surveying for Ken Lamb, Ken also got him involved in doing advertising artwork and illustrations for advertisements.


As Head of Field Surveys, Nixon is responsible for field work preparation and planning, overseeing the work itself and a majority of the downloading and production of final product for Lamb Surveying.


Nixon has worked with a number of other Surveyors learning how to perform field surveys and turning that field data into final maps and products. He is thankful to all of those Surveyors for the knowledge and techniques passed on to him.




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